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  • Curb Your Porn Enthusiasm

    Curb Your Porn Enthusiasm

    According to an infographic posted on Huffington Post last year, porn sites averaged 450 million unique visitors per month. The average visitor spent roughly 12 sweaty, fist-pumping minutes on porn sites somewhere around 7.5 times per month. The infographic also stated that 70% of men and 30% of women viewed porn. To further extrapolate those statistics, 30% of men and 70% of

  • New Ninja Turtles Terrifying, Lack Vanilla Ice

    New Ninja Turtles Terrifying, Lack Vanilla Ice

    The trailer for Michael Bay’s new Ninja Turtles movie is out, and it’s kind of terrifying. SUUUUURE, there’s some of that lovable Ninja Turtle humor in there. SUUUUURE they live in the sewer and battle the Shredder. These big old CGI turtles are terrifying. Megan Fox is April O’Neil, and all the effects and tone is