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  • Five Amazing Fiverrs

    Five Amazing Fiverrs

    Fiverr offers some quick and easy services from having a simple graphic made, to having a song written about you, or getting an SEO report on your website. It has it all and more. Some of these services are very practical but we combed through the site to find five of the most amazing Fiverrs around. 5. I will get

  • Amazon Jumps into the Phone Game

    Amazon Jumps into the Phone Game

    There are a lot of articles that have been written about the Amazon Fire phone that was unveiled today. So, let’s not bore you by repeating the same story you have read over and over again. You know the cost. You know about its 3D Dynamic Display. You know all about Mayday and the cute redhead, Amy you may hope

  • Switching Blades: Dollar Shave Club Test

    Switching Blades: Dollar Shave Club Test

    I have been using the same razor, a Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, since it was first released something like 15 years ago. The razor is terrific and durable. The blades are second to none. However, the blades are expensive as hell, which meant that it only made sense to buy them in bulk at a store like BJ’s. Since I don’t have