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Primarily, the word media is derived from the word medium, carrier or signifying mode. The role of media in society is mainly intended to reach as well as address a big desire audience or group. Initially, this word was used in the newspapers and books as well as in print media. With the advancement of technology, now the media encompasses the radio, television, internet and movies as well. In today’s technological world, the media becomes as necessary as to meet the day to day requirements. The today’s media is playing an ultimate role in making as well as shaping of the strengthening of society and public opinion as well.

Nowadays, the media can act as a watchdog in order to safeguard the public interest against the mismanagement as well as make public awareness. The media has an all assumption role to act against the domination, inequality, misdeeds and also preconception of the society. This media has remained an essential part of the human civilization. Today, the Indian media is comprised of more than 50, 000 newspapers and also hundreds of radio channels and television. However, this mass media play an ultimate role in manipulating the people’s mind. This mass media is also becoming a necessary part of everyday’s life.

How does the mass media impact?

In today’s society, the media plays a constructive role from improving the public awareness to gathering information, views and also attitude of people towards the particular problem. In reality, the media is one of the most powerful tools of communication in the developed as well as in the developing countries. It also promotes the accurate things at the perfect point of time, which could make use of any situation to make disturbance in all around the people as well as in the society. This media also greatly supports to offer a powerful message to the world on what is right or wrong.

At present, the media is available in all around us. This means that when you read the books, journals, newspapers and magazines, television and also listen to the radio. Now, the world is creating a strong progress towards a great future in day to day lives. However still, people are facing the social issues as well as problems directly or indirectly, which are quietly affected by the people, of the people and for the people. Even no one can deny the blessings of media in the present world. This mass media have thoughtful impact on the societies as well as on their culture.

Functions of media

Within the democracy, the media has immense power; because it is just about all people get their news from the media rather than from any other resources or people. The media coverage shapes how the people can perceive the world and what they consider to be more important. Also, the politicians and voters must pay more attention to the media. This mass media can also perform a number of functions essential to the democratic process.