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The iphone is a top brand mobile device that has a high end features and it is widely used by many users for its user friendliness, popularity and for the operating system. In general starting from the basic mobile to high end smart phone device the Bluetooth feature is supported where these Bluetooth can connect up to 4 active devices.

Connecting the multiple Bluetooth device by iphone

The iphone has the capability to connect maximum 3-5 active Bluetooth devices but officially the device supports the 10 Bluetooth device connections. Most of them will be having the doubt that can iphone connect multiple Bluetooth devices, the answer is yes it connect number of Bluetooth device based on the system feature and capability. In which before buying the iphone check the Bluetooth version installed in your smartphone and what version the device supports, so that you can find whether your iphone can pair multiple Bluetooth devices or not. When you have this feature of pairing multiple Bluetooth devices then you can transfer file to many devices and you can also do multitasking for example you can play the song in one Bluetooth device, transfer files to other Bluetooth device and so on.