Download the 1990s!


According to Brooklyn Vegan, the prominent Delaware-based indie-rock label, Jade Tree, has put its entire catalog up on Bandcamp.

You can stream any of the albums or download them for $5 or less. Not a bad deal for a label that featured Cap’n Jazz, Lifetime, The Promise Ring, These Arms Are Snakes, J Church and more.

Some lesser-known recommendations:

  1. Despistado – The Emergency Response
  2. Turing Machine – A New Machine for Living
  3. Milemarker – Satanic Versus
  4. Girls Against Boys – You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See
  5. New End Original – Thriller

Really, though, you can’t go wrong with just about any of their offerings.

Marcello C. De Feo

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  • DennisFXM

    I think I’ve seen 80% of these bands live while I was in college….. (and a handful even more recently)

    • Marcello

      The resurgence of reunions is pretty nice.