• Tesla to Release a Car That People Can Afford

    Tesla to Release a Car That People Can Afford

    Elon Musk, purveyor of awesomeness and runner of Tesla Motors, continues to kick ass. The technology pioneer and early adopter recently began raising $1.6 billion to fund the Gigafactory. Then he released Tesla’s patents to encourage innovation. Next up, he donated $1 million to Matthew Inman‘s Tesla Museum. He may be dealing with the setback of douchebag politicians and lobbyists banning

  • The Next Comcast Spokesperson

    The Next Comcast Spokesperson gallery

    In case you missed it, Comcast, a complete and proud evil bag of shit of a company, has recently run some ads with Titus Welliver as spokesperson. Most viewers probably know him from his work on LOST, where he played the human personification of an ill-tempered floating carcinogen and was, thematically, the total embodiment of

  • Google I/O: I, For One, Welcome Our New Android Overlords

    Google I/O: I, For One, Welcome Our New Android Overlords

    Early critics complained about the high cost of Amazon’s first smartphone, the Fire. Google apparently took that to heart. The company announced Android One, a stripped down, affordable version of Android for smartphones with cut-rate data plans. Android One appears to be targeted at cash-strapped folks in India. With any luck, even the poorest of

  • Amazon Jumps into the Phone Game

    Amazon Jumps into the Phone Game

    There are a lot of articles that have been written about the Amazon Fire phone that was unveiled today. So, let’s not bore you by repeating the same story you have read over and over again. You know the cost. You know about its 3D Dynamic Display. You know all about Mayday and the cute redhead, Amy you may hope

  • Getting Started with Swift

    Getting Started with Swift

    At the most recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced Swift, a programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Developers and designers alike were all abuzz about the new language that promised to simplify coding and more rapidly develop iOS and OS X applications. If you have any experience with other OOPs like Objective-C, Python, or C#, then you’ve

  • Crash Test: iOS 8, Yosemite

    Crash Test: iOS 8, Yosemite

    If you are a developer or just an early adopter with an iOS Developers License who is considering upgrading your iPhone to the iOS 8 beta released yesterday,  we tested a bunch of different apps to see how they fared. For the most part, the apps were OK. Some had minor issues, which is to be expected at such an early

  • Comcast Continues to Grow Monopoly

    Comcast Continues to Grow Monopoly

    Jerrold Electrics gave birth to American Cable Systems in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1963. Ralph J. Roberts purchased the cable company, which had five channels and 150,000 subscribers, for $500,000. Six years later, the company incorporated in Philadelphia and rebranded itself as Comcast Corporation, a combination of the words communication and broadcast. Not long after, the company started growing into