• Finding Love in the NBA

    Finding Love in the NBA

    Every couple of years, an established or potential star, typically in a smaller market, becomes disgruntled after the team that drafted and developed him cannot deliver what the player feels he deserves. This tradition, popularized by Wilt Chamberlain in the late 1960s, has led to regular movement of top players as their teams are forced

  • Predicting The Eagles Record

    Predicting The Eagles Record

    #159640246 / Well, well, well…here we are again. Another football season is upon us as the Philadelphia Eagles begin training camp today just a couple blocks from their home field. As the Eagles embark on Year 2 of the Chip Kelly era, expectations, as they have been for many years here, are sky high.

  • The NBA Goes to Summer Camp

    The NBA Goes to Summer Camp

    Over the last decade, the visibility of the NBA’s summer leagues have increased exponentially. NBA teams recognize the importance in getting their young players competitive run so they can grow and be scouted, and streaming allows fans to watch all the games featuring their team’s draft picks and possible contributors. Last Night’s championship in Las

  • Dean Ambrose & WWE Ring Psychology

    Dean Ambrose & WWE Ring Psychology

    A funny thing happened when the Shield broke up. Everyone assumed there’d be a Marty Jannetty, that Roman Reigns would go on to become the face of the WWE, that Seth Rollins would find some success as a heel being attached to the authority and that Dead Ambrose would get lost in the shuffle, if

  • LeBron’s Mature Decision

    LeBron’s Mature Decision

    As free agency entered its second week, things got noticeably more tense throughout the NBA as the league waited for LeBron James to officially agree to return to Miami.  It seemed as though James was suddenly unsure about the future of the Big Three and where he should spend the next four or five years

  • World Cup Match Preview – Brazil vs Germany

    World Cup Match Preview – Brazil vs Germany

    Match time: Tuesday July 8th, 2014 (4 p.m. EST) There are four teams left in the World Cup. Four powerhouses of world football: Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and the Netherlands. Today, I am going to cover the match between Germany and Brazil. I have covered both teams in previous posts: Germany here and Brazil here. How they got