• New to the USA: Chikungunya virus

    New to the USA: Chikungunya virus

    Earlier this month, the first two cases of locally-transmitted chikungunya virus in the contiguous United States were reported in Florida.1 Chikungunya virus has been previously identified in people in the US (on average, 26 individuals per year are diagnosed with the disease), but all were in travelers who had contracted the it outside the country.

  • Would you like measles with that?

    Would you like measles with that?

    Measles was declared eliminated as a circulating disease in the United States in the year 2000.1 However, importation of measles into the U.S. from other countries where the virus remains endemic continues to be a threat. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported that there have been 288 confirmed cases of

  • The Golden Record

    The Golden Record

    Approaching Valentine’s Day of 2010, NPR featured a love story called “Carl Sagan And Ann Druyan’s Ultimate Mix Tape.” Druyan, who co-wrote the original “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” in 1980 as well as its newest iteration, discussed the making of the “Sounds of Earth” and how she and Sagan fell in love. It is the most romantic story

  • Curb Your Porn Enthusiasm

    Curb Your Porn Enthusiasm

    According to an infographic posted on Huffington Post last year, porn sites averaged 450 million unique visitors per month. The average visitor spent roughly 12 sweaty, fist-pumping minutes on porn sites somewhere around 7.5 times per month. The infographic also stated that 70% of men and 30% of women viewed porn. To further extrapolate those statistics, 30% of men and 70% of

  • GMOs: a Primer

    The “March Against Monsanto” took place over Memorial Day weekend, where groups of activists protest the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), specifically those used in agriculture and patented by the corporation Monsanto. What is a genetically modified organism, anyway? Humans have been breeding plants and animals for 1000s of years, shaping them to fit

  • Meanwhile at Untied: 4.20.14

    Meanwhile at Untied: 4.20.14

    Culture Is Charlotte McKinney the new Kate Upton? There’s only one way to find out. Oil them up and let them wrestle it out. Entertainment Our March Madness tournament reaches the finals Ghostbusters 3 is on its way The lion and the rose Science There was a lunar eclipse! Sports Harry Kalas remains irreplaceable Bad Boys remembered  

  • Syzygy to Result in Lunar Eclipse on Monday

    Syzygy to Result in Lunar Eclipse on Monday

    Hey, ya’ll a lunar eclipse is coming. We could bore you trite details about what this means and how it happens but what’s the point? Neil deGrasse Tyson is just going to school everyone on the topic. So, we will let him take it from here: FYI: Tonight's Moon, a waxing gibbous, is the same