• Remembering Leonard Nimoy

    Remembering Leonard Nimoy

    I was never the biggest Trekkie, but damn did I love Leonard Nimoy. My first glimpse to the world of Star Trek and the character of Mr. Spock was the song “Star Trekkin’”, often played on a local Philadelphia radio segment called Kid’s Corner. “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it” was my

  • Cutting the Cord on Cable

    Cutting the Cord on Cable

    Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that you’ve been paying roughly a car payment every month to a giant monopoly for most of your adult life to get internet, cable and phone service. It’s not implausible, right? Many of us have done it. Comcast, for example, currently has 21.7 million video subscribers but that number will rise to 30

  • Bob Odenkirk Has Come a Long Way, Baby

    Bob Odenkirk Has Come a Long Way, Baby

    Better Call Saul premieres this weekend on AMC. There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding it. People hope that it will reach the greatness of its parent show, Breaking Bad. Even if it doesn’t, that’s okay. Every show doesn’t have to be amazing, even if most of the same people who produced the methtastic adventures of Walter White

  • 5 Reasons to Watch: ‘The Americans’

    5 Reasons to Watch: ‘The Americans’

    The Americans returns tonight on FX. The odds are that you’ve probably missed this show to this point. Our own Dave Delisle didn’t even enjoy it. I, however, love this show. Since the internet only seems to like their pieces in accurately numbered categories and lists, here’s five reasons to check out The Americans.   The

  • Islamabad Helped ‘Homeland’ Rebound

    Islamabad Helped ‘Homeland’ Rebound

    Homeland had a tough road to travel this season. The once critically-revered show had found itself at a low point. Its third season inspired apathy from even its strongest fans. The show had worn Brody down to a nub. The fourth season presented Homeland for a chance to reinvent itself. It has largely done that