• Daredevil: Cut Man

    Daredevil: Cut Man

    The major narrative thrust of Cut Man unfolds around getting back up after taking a beating. As Jack tells Matt, “It ain’t how you hit the mat, it’s how you get up.” The episode has three major storylines— Matt learning to deal with his blindness and Battlin’ Jack Murdock’s career; Matt’s recovery following a disastrous

  • Marvel’s Daredevil: Into the Ring

    Marvel’s Daredevil: Into the Ring

    The premiere episode of Daredevil works because it defies expectations of what a super hero show should be. It isn’t about the violence, or the gritty, darker themes the show is structured around. It’s because this show takes its time to set up its world and its characters before it throws you in to an

  • Mad Men Musings: New Business

    Mad Men Musings: New Business

    What happened this week? “New Business” just didn’t connect. It felt scattered, off. It was probably the full load of Megan that was thrown our way. It could have been Don’s new obsession, Diana. Perhaps my expectations were just too high for one of the final seven episodes, but the whole thing just dragged along.

  • Game of Thrones Spin-off Showcase

    Game of Thrones Spin-off Showcase

    You know HBO is thinking about how they can maximize the profits from their hit show Game of Thrones. There’s been talk of a prequel series, which would probably be great. But, after seeing the success of AMC’s Better Call Saul, I can’t help but think of the spinoff possibilities.   Ramsay the Reek Follow

  • Mad Men Musings: Severance

    Mad Men Musings: Severance

    So long, accounts pirate The dread pirate Ken Cosgrove is finally parting with…what is the firm called right now? Well, Ken is no longer part of primary advertising company featured in the hit AMC drama MAD MEN since SC&P’s new overlords at McCann-Erickson have a bad history with him. It’ll be sad to see Ken

  • Mad Men Final Half Season Predictions

    Mad Men Final Half Season Predictions

    Mad Men is coming to an end. It’s one of the best shows ever. It will be missed. Series creator Matthew Weiner keeps everything under lock and key (and even more locks), so no one ever knows what’s going to happen in an upcoming season. So let’s make some predictions!   Pete Campbell gets an