• Appearance is Everything in ‘Gone Girl’

    Appearance is Everything in ‘Gone Girl’

      Gone Girl appears to be a murder mystery upon initial inspection. The trailers advertise David Fincher and Gillian Flynn’s film as a murder mystery. Did Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) kill his wife? Is Tyler Perry really involved in a Fincher project? Is there another dead hooker in Affleck’s trailer? Gone Girl isn’t the story

  • Film Review: Frank

    Film Review: Frank

    I made the mistake of writing-off Frank when I first heard of it: an A-list actor (Michael Fassbender) wearing a fake head for the entirety of a comedy film? Sounded like a gimmick. Well, looks can be deceiving, though some of the blame should be placed on the filmmakers. That’s because this film is actually about Jon,

  • Just Let Me See ‘Interstellar’ Already

    Just Let Me See ‘Interstellar’ Already

    The final trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has been released, and I am officially foaming at the mouth to see it. The more footage I see, the better Interstellar looks. Another month you say? Noooooooooooo! The latest gorgeous trailer is below. Nolan used IMAX cameras to film portions of Interstellar, just like he did on The Dark Knight

  • ‘Inherent Vice’ Trailer

    ‘Inherent Vice’ Trailer

      The trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film, Inherent Vice, was released earlier today, and it looks like a fun change of pace from Anderson’s last couple of films. The director teams up with Joaquin Phoenix again, presumably drinking less paint thinner than in The Master. For any issues that people might have had with the story,

  • Netflunks: The Traveler

    Netflunks: The Traveler

    Once a month, Steve Jacot will take it upon himself to watch a random piece of shit on Netflix. This month, Steve watched the Val Kilmer film, ‘The Traveler’. “What are you in the mood for?” “Let’s watch a horror movie.” That’s the exchange that started the path that led my girlfriend and I to

  • Pitching Top Gun 2

    Pitching Top Gun 2

    Top Gun 2 is in the works, and I’m the perfect man to make this film. Just hear me out and I guarantee you’ll be signing a check for a garbage truck full of money to make this picture.   Well, let’s get this over with.   We open up in the MAVERICK HOUSEHOLD. TOM