• ‘Inherent Vice’ Trailer

    ‘Inherent Vice’ Trailer

      The trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film, Inherent Vice, was released earlier today, and it looks like a fun change of pace from Anderson’s last couple of films. The director teams up with Joaquin Phoenix again, presumably drinking less paint thinner than in The Master. For any issues that people might have had with the story,

  • Netflunks: The Traveler

    Netflunks: The Traveler

    Once a month, Steve Jacot will take it upon himself to watch a random piece of shit on Netflix. This month, Steve watched the Val Kilmer film, ‘The Traveler’. “What are you in the mood for?” “Let’s watch a horror movie.” That’s the exchange that started the path that led my girlfriend and I to

  • Pitching Top Gun 2

    Pitching Top Gun 2

    Top Gun 2 is in the works, and I’m the perfect man to make this film. Just hear me out and I guarantee you’ll be signing a check for a garbage truck full of money to make this picture.   Well, let’s get this over with.   We open up in the MAVERICK HOUSEHOLD. TOM

  • Expendables 3: Just Keeps Getting Better

    Expendables 3: Just Keeps Getting Better

    Most of the reasons I gave for not watching TMNT were the exact reasons for watching Expendables 3 this weekend: explosions, shaky cam, and celebrity cameos, oh my! The difference here is that the Expendables franchise is completely aware of itself and celebrates that. I watched this movie not for its story quality, but for

  • Appreciating Robin Williams

    Appreciating Robin Williams

    Robin Williams was a bombastic man, full of energy and voices. He also had a sadness in him, a depression that unfortunately resulted in him taking his own life. I noticed it years ago in his eyes during his more solemn performances. I would joke about his more serious performances and the drastic differences between

  • The Lonely Island to Return to the Big Screen

    The Lonely Island to Return to the Big Screen

    From 2002 through 2004, I worked for a newspaper in Boulder, Colorado. During that time, I wrote many features for the paper, including a “Website of the Week” column. You see, kids, back in those Wild West days of the internet, we did not have Twitter, YouTube, Netflix or Meme generators to keep us informed about up-and-coming trends. So, we