• Get Lean And Fast

    Get Lean And Fast

    Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I’m completely for distance running as a form of getting into excellent shape. OK I’m totally kidding. Running long distance, especially without a plan or a good nutrition strategy, is good for aging you, turning joints that are supposed to last for 115 years useless, and for a

  • Switching Blades: Dollar Shave Club Test

    Switching Blades: Dollar Shave Club Test

    I have been using the same razor, a Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, since it was first released something like 15 years ago. The razor is terrific and durable. The blades are second to none. However, the blades are expensive as hell, which meant that it only made sense to buy them in bulk at a store like BJ’s. Since I don’t have

  • Gaming with Jason Tagmire

    Gaming with Jason Tagmire

    Years ago, Jason Tagmire was the go-to guy in the South Jersey/Philadelphia indie rock scene if you wanted buttons made for your band.  Not long thereafter, he was the talk of the town, raising thousands of dollars on Kickstarter to fund his kickass games, like Pixel Lincoln, Storyteller Cards and Maximum Throwdown.     In an era dominated by motion-sensing, immersive video

  • Truckin’ with Fryborg

    Truckin’ with Fryborg

    It was nearly 14 years ago. Jonathan Gibbons was sitting in front of his classic Macintosh something or other. He was struggling to type out a term paper for his English class. It was the biggest obstacle standing between him and a bachelor’s degree. It was not that Gibbons was incapable of writing the paper. If anything, he