• Remembering Leonard Nimoy

    Remembering Leonard Nimoy

    I was never the biggest Trekkie, but damn did I love Leonard Nimoy. My first glimpse to the world of Star Trek and the character of Mr. Spock was the song “Star Trekkin’”, often played on a local Philadelphia radio segment called Kid’s Corner. “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it” was my

  • Taking Another Look at ‘Alien 3′

    Taking Another Look at ‘Alien 3′

    Alien and Aliens are tremendous sci-fi movies. They’re both very different in tone, but that makes them great in different ways. Sadly, the next two installments are typically remembered with a shrug. Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection were production nightmares that ended with messy, muddled films. 3 is a glum, dark affair directed by the

  • Podcast: Birdhood and the 2015 Oscars

    Podcast: Birdhood and the 2015 Oscars

    On this edition of the Untied Podcast, Steve dishes out his thoughts on the 2015 Oscars and the best picture selection of Birdman. You can listen to the episode by clicking on the player above, or right clicking and saving this link as an mp3. The podcast can also be found on iTunes. You can leave feedback in

  • Flashback Friday: Journey Goes Their Separate Ways

    Flashback Friday: Journey Goes Their Separate Ways

    You most likely know Journey from 1:30 A.M. at the bar. People are half asleep and preparing stumble home. But then you hear the familiar opening bars of “Don’t Stop Believin’”, the five time winner of the best bar singalong award according to Alcoholics Anonymous Magazine. However, Journey’s catalog runs deep. The band has recorded countless

  • Bob Odenkirk Has Come a Long Way, Baby

    Bob Odenkirk Has Come a Long Way, Baby

    Better Call Saul premieres this weekend on AMC. There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding it. People hope that it will reach the greatness of its parent show, Breaking Bad. Even if it doesn’t, that’s okay. Every show doesn’t have to be amazing, even if most of the same people who produced the methtastic adventures of Walter White

  • Nationwide is Sorry

    Nationwide is Sorry

    We received the following statement from Nationwide spokesman Chip Fakemanenstein in response to questions about their unusual Super Bowl ad. We here at Nationwide understand that some people were upset about our Super Bowl commercial, warning of the dangers of child death. This is unfortunate. We are sorry that people don’t get it. We are sorry